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Hi guys,

There is an awesome new game being released soon called Archaic.

This is an awesome open world dinosaur game where you have to collect supplies to survive. You can build a house to get away from the dinosaurs, and you can slay other players and steal their supplies.

The staff are very dedicated to making this game, so if there are any problems when the game is up, they will be sorted out immediately, unlike some other dinosaur games.

We are trying to bring out the survival aspect of the game. This game will be based in the modern day, where you are trapped on an island. You can craft a wide variety of weapons to survive such as guns and axes.

Some dinosaurs will be friendly, but if you provoke them, they will try and attack you, some other dinosaurs are hostile straight away.

We are trying to optimize this game the best we can so players will not experience any lag, even for the lower end computers.

We are trying to make a new, epic dinosaur game like no other. We are trying to be unique with our ideas and creations in game. To sum it up, it is like a DayZ/Rust/The Stomping Land, but just better! We are going to have the survival aspects of DayZ where you have to hunt for you food and it is hard to survive with dinosaurs about. Rust because you get supplies by chopping down trees and getting it from stone to build houses however you like. And the stomping lands aspect because it has dinosaurs in it, but we want to improve, to be better than the stomping lands since people are not getting what they thought they paid for.

We are going to have a way of building so you can play the materials in any way you like so you do not have to have automatic build houses for you.

We are going to have a nice crafting system where you have to get certain amounts of supplies to build things.

And we are going to have a cool survival system where you will need to get food and water like in real life.

All dinosaurs will be unique and behave differently. They also all with have their own custom animations for destroying things and killing people.

There will be barely any supplies around so make every shot count! And scavenge around to survive!

There is going to be a multilayer mode where we will try and add lots of slots so lots of people can join servers and you can have fun with your friends trying to survive.

Please check the Kickstarter here:

Please also check the steam greenlight page here:

We are improving everything as we go, sorry if it does not look amazing yet, but we are working hard making it amazing!

Please back us and vote for us on steam to get our game up and running sooner!

Thank you for reading :D
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