Help bring a new monster to Towns

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Help bring a new monster to Towns

Postby Espero » Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:54 pm

I just started a blog recently and people seem to really be enjoying a story I have been posting.

Please, check it out and drop me a line.

I just posted Part 3 and it deals with a monster called a Lamia. It's a vampric, snake-woman that I think would be great to include in this game. Imagine an end-game monster where you specifically need female townies/heroes to slay it. I know people have made noise in the past about using a new, unique female hero class, and this would be a great reason to push their inclusion into the game. I think it could be a fun, difficult mechanic to have here.

If you like the idea and/or story, please, help spread the word. Maybe together we can bug Burningpet enough to make it happen.
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Re: Help bring a new monster to Towns

Postby evaldazz » Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:18 am

Yeah sounds good. Hope the boys notice the thread.
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Re: Help bring a new monster to Towns

Postby burningpet » Sun Dec 29, 2013 2:09 pm

Not sure if its possible to make a monster that only a specific hero could slay (or a specific gender).

I can think of a few voodoo workarounds like giving this creature some insane boost tied to an effect and have all females carry specific AOE effect that negate the creature boosted stats, but that's something i find too voodooi.
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Re: Help bring a new monster to Towns

Postby YetiChow » Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:27 am

To suggest something that a lot of modders have been wanting for a long time...

what about a way to target effects to a specific living? Changing the tags in the effect code to something like <targetType> and <targetLiving> would make it heaps easier to do not only things like monsters with specific weaknesses (e.g. holy weapons for killing the Undead, a legendary goblin-slaying sword which causes goblins to flee before the wielder) but also to make armour and traps with specific uses - for example runic Highlander Armour that gives major buffs to Highlanders but only acts like iron armour to anyone else; or the "magic circle" trap idea but done so it only effects mages.

One option which is (slightly) less voodoo for this specific idea: just give the monster a [confused]-style effect that targets CITIZENS and HEROES, and make the female ones immune to it? The male ones could have a very low chance to overcome the effect (i.e. the effect has like 80% or 90% chance to work), but the player really needs the female heroes or female soldiers to reliably defeat the enemy. I tried a similar idea with a "nymph" enemy for Rogem's magic mod, and it worked fairly well; the only downside was that any other mod-added female townies and heroes didn't get the immunity. However, if the monster were part of the vanilla game then mod authors would already know about it and so presumably would add the immunity as part of the "standard" female setup.
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