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Re: Shipwrecked! ll, a new game of Shipwrecked.

Postby YetiChow » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:46 am

Egreham wrote:"If it's a sand dune, how you gonna climb it? You can't grab on nothing. No, if you or us are gonna see what's aheed of dat thing, we should walk aroooound. Also, before it gets cold and dark and stuff, we should find ourselves a hideout, you know, to store our crap and bunkies."

OOC: well, the whole point is to get the view from the top... if you've ever tried to climb a sand dune, you'll know it's difficult but possible. You can literally dig your hand in to get a handhold, move your foot up, dig your other hand in, move the other foot up, move your first hand to a new dug-in handhold... etc. The reason to get to the top is that it's the tallest thing around, seemingly the only tall thing around based on the last update; and going around means losing sight of our stuff.

The sand pits are rough-and-ready shelters, they were dug in the sheltered side of something (that was a part of my first suggeted turn) so they're fine for the first night. They'll keep the bugs and the wind away, and the fire will take care of everything else - building a shelter now could be a complete waste of time.

It's midday day 1; while we do need to settle down IMO it's too soon to start making permanent decisions like where to have base camp. This is the time to take small risks for significant rewards - climbing the dune is a small risk, but the view it offers could be a very significant reward. Worst case scenario is that one of us wastes one turn while the other gets something productive done. However, if we go around the dune then we have 2 options:

1. split up, meaning we can't help each other if anything goes wrong
2. go around together, leaving the camp vulnerable and potentially wasting all of our remaining day

That's why it's a better risk IMO to have one person climbing while the other stays in sight at the makeshift shelter. One night sleeping on the beach won't kill us, but a day and night walking off without finding anything might just kill us soon enough.
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