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The New Life (Forums Game waiting for players.)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:50 pm
by TheModdyNoob2
This Forums game is all about creating a Tribe on another planet. Eventually, finding your way to the center of the universe. The Planet we're on is a earth and mars combined planet.

Dear Diary,
We have been stuck on this blasted planet for 10 days now. Running for our lives from the creatures that lives on this planet.
Only the herbivores seems nice. We managed to tame some, but those blasted carnivores have eaten them one night while
we were sleeping. We have no food. We have no water. We have nothing, not even a rooftop over our head. The only way
we're gonna survive out here, if someone would guide us. But who knows things about this planet? Who would know how to
survive in a harsh environment? We need a leader. Maybe a god perhaps.

From, The Captain.

Application: O = Required X= Not required

O- Tribe name: *Enter tribe name here*
O- Government: *Enter Government Here* (I would recommend you to start with the most basic government you know)
O- Tribe Color: *color text here*
O- Tribe Personally: *Enter 3 traits (good things)*
O- Tribe Problems: *Enter 2 Flaws (Bad things)*
O- Worships: *Enter 3 Likes & 1 religion here.
O- Dis-worships: *Enter 3 dislikes & anti-religion here (Anti-religion is a religion that you dislike you can pick alot of anti-religion.
X- God's name: *Enter your rp god's name here. if not
X- God's Class: *Enter element here. Universeal, Dimensional, Interdimensional are Owner-only*

Note: DO NOT POST APPLICATION HERE! pm me the application.

How to play:
When you start, Tell where your tribe is located and what it has (the required one are Tribal hall, Carpentry, Masonry. You can only have 5 buildings at the start),
Then do your actions (Note: 2-4 actions each per post.). Do it like this

Task: *put Task here.*
Workers doing task: *you know what goes here, more people means more faster times.
Description of task: *In this part, roleplaying is required.
^- These are not required. but the whats between the * is required.

Then wait for me to respond back. Most of the time, the reason that if I don't respond for a while is that I am creating creatures on spore to show you what they look like.

You are allowed to go to war or make allies with one another. This is not required but it helps me to understand your ending.

Tribe ending:
Depending on how the age goes I will pick the ending for each tribe. An Ending is a Conquense Trait, Its depending on your actions. There are 3 endings for tribe.

Friendly - Industrious (meaning make allies and enemies when required.) - Aggressive

Each one will have a part in the next age. like this
Being friendly means your religious.
Being Industrious means your economic.
and Being Aggressive means your Military.
^ Challenge, Guess where this is from.

How does this game progress to the next age?:
By doing Missions, of course. This is RPG based too. Once we gets to a certain point of the game, I will give out a mission. Now, in this game there are Points. To whoever beats the Challenge its 5 points. an Ending Challenge will be 10 and finding the center is 50 points.

Now as we keep going Challenges will get harder and harder and requires more tactics.

Like for example:

Tribe 1 is the enemy! Try to defeat him/her (not really gonna be in the game.)
That would be a 5 points
a 10 point is like this:
A Huge monster is coming! Prepare yourself!
so yeah.

How does the game end?:
The game ends once the center of the universe and the one who found the item in it makes a choice with the item.

What's the item?
Thats a secret. But letting you know, It has something to do with creating.