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Postby supermalparit » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:05 pm

Welcome to the bug reports forum. Here you can post about actual game bugs and we, or even other members of the community, will try our best to help you with your issues.

However, to keep the forum clean we have to moderate heavily. Non-bugs will get removed without answer! We would like to explain every single little thing and why it's not a bug, but that would mean we don't have time for anything else but answering bug posts.

How to submit a bug:

First: before posting, read the KNOWN ISSUES thread found:

Second: use the search box on the top right, and use a few terms from what you think is the most descriptive characteristic of the bug.

Third: we have announcement threads for specific issues. Currently users with ATI cards and users of the OSX operating system have their own thread. If your bug is likely to be related to those threads, post there first.

After that determine if it's really a bug. To do this you have to use a little logical thinking. If you get a crash hs_err*.log or error.log it's very likely a bug. If it's a game mechanic that's off (like a building suddenly stopped displaying a roof) do a bit better search with different terms. It's likely that it happened before.

Hopefully this means we have more time for working on the game, instead of telling people that their issues are not bugs or duplicates of previously reported bugs :)

Thank you,

The SMP team
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Postby tom k. » Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:26 pm

Due to the large number of bugs being reported with very little information I would like to remind people that details help us!

When reporting a bug, post system information (operating system, graphics card hardware), java versions, game versions and the contents of any related error logs in [code] tags.

This will vastly improve solve times :) remember to search the "Solved" forum first ;)
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Please read the FAQs before posting.
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