Townies stopped building stuff [Resolved]

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Townies stopped building stuff [Resolved]

Postby Subutia » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:46 pm

Was happily plugging away last night. My first town that I've sorta got working right.
Then, all my guys and gals just stopped building stuff. :cry:
No blocks, no tools, no furniture.
They still haul stuff and cook and eat and sleep, they just won't build.
File is on home PC, so I can't UL right now, but posting hoping for some ideas.
Crafting is pretty high on the chores list.

Would appreciate any help.

EDIT: I fixed it, I guess.
I put several individuals into work groups and had them specialize in the various functions.
Everything seems to be going pretty good right now.
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Re: Townies stopped building stuff

Postby YetiChow » Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:24 am

A few possibilities spring to mind; the easy-to-eliminate one being that if they have JUST enough food to survive (if they're constantly showing "hungry" icons) without starving then they might not have "time" to build, they're too busy making food. That's doubtful though because you'd presumably have just planted more food, it's a pretty obvious problem when it happens but I know the documentation isn't great so it's a slim possibility...

A more likely culprit could be that they are busy with other tasks, even if they're not "over hungry" they might be producing more food than they can manage within their waking hours. Or instead of food it may be that they're trying to trade or haul a massive amount of items, they might be busy with anything that has a higher priority or a hardcoded priority check (for example, hauling priority is hardcoded to be less than the "normal" priorities because of the massive amount of potential hauling queues the game can create, you'll notice the difference after clearing the dungeon of monsters for example but don't worry if you haven't seen it in action, it doesn't affect your other priorities).

The third option which again should be "obvious" but can leave players "oblivious" if you don't know what you're looking for is that townies might lose pathfinding to the required utils. For example, if you build your workshops in a building and then something happened that stopped the townies getting into said building then that would cause your townies to stop crafting. Another possibility is that you've run out of a particular resource or lost access to it - check your ways into the dungeon in particular if you're hauling stone up from there, since there are a couple of things (minor flooding from mining orders, deleting blocks causing others to fall, scaffolding/ladders not being placed properly) that could cause that.

Also, check what settings you've allocated to pathfinding processes - the default is 1, which gives as much CPU as possible to keeping the Frames per Second high at the expense of running the pathfinding and simulating the town, changing that setting might help if you have a large town although it may also induce lag... basically, don't over-populate your maps or the CPU runs out of resources to process the game. Key indicators of overpopulation: farms left running, thousands of items on the ground, a townie count above 100 (200 for a really god computer, 50 for a pretty old one), opening up the whole dungeon without clearing any levels, massive sieges of thousands of monsters at a time flooding the map... any of those things may cause the game to forget about jobs while it sorts out the sheer complexity of what is on your screen and how to keep the game going.

It may well be that something in your specific hardware or software setup has caused a bug, but it's best to eliminate in-game options first.
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